Youth Camp

We are going to Student Life Missions Camp in Asheville, North Carolina. 

The camp is for all Middle School and High School students in 7th-12th grade (exceptions can be made for rising 7th grade students and students graduating the summer of camp).

The cost of camp includes:

  • Admission into Student Life Camp
  • Lodging (We will be staying at the University of North Carolina. The female and male students from our group will each have their own block of dormitory rooms which will be closely monitored by our male and female counselors at all times)
  • Transportation
  • 3 meals a day will be provided for the week. The only exceptions are the morning we leave for camp and the day we come back from camp; dinner will be provided opening day and breakfast will be provided on closing day. The food will be court-style dining with selections at multiple stations. There’s a wide variety of food options ranging from hot, made-to-order, salad, smoothie, and desserts.

A $75 registration deposit is due on January 28.

For information about camp speakers, worship, and overall experience, please click on the link below.

The cost of Student Life Camp with meals and lodging is $429. The additional $50 will cover transportation costs. The total projected cost is $479.

Our fundraisers and generous donations have already reduced this amount significantly, and we still have an additional fundraiser to come, so the amount for camp that is listed is just the projected amount and will be reduced. Please do not let camp costs be what keep you from camp.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Alicia Dykes (478)-231-3716.